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Smartphones most preferred product: Apple and Google
Scott Navratil

Right now, we have the most amazing technology. Everything we have seems to be enhanced by little inventions to make it better. Our lives are easier, and we have so much. However, if there was one thing you would say you couldn’t go without, what would it be? Apparently, most people would choose to keep their cell phones.

Coca-Cola beat out by Apple and Google

For the last 13 years, Coca-Cola has been the number one company in the Interbrand survey of Best Global Brands. According to PC Magazine, now Apple is number 1 and Google is number 2. Our country used to be all about coke, but I guess now we’ve switched to a country of technology and a country that prefers our smartphones. Apple and Google are probably pretty pleased with themselves. It took a lot of work to beat out Coca-Cola, and now they are doing significantly better. Apple has beat out Coke, so I’m sure Google is throwing a fit over that. Still, beating out the number one spot is an accomplishment.

Everyone would have pegged Apple for beating Google, but Apple is actually not that far ahead of Google right now. Google could easily mastermind a new product to jump ahead for next year’s poll. Apple has had surprising increases in the last few years despite the lack of innovation and death of their main innovator, Steve Jobs. I guess everyone still wants an iPhone, even if it’s nothing new.

Top ten spots

Thanks to Interbrand, we get to see which companies have the most value every year. The top ten spots of 2013 include the following:

1. Apple

2. Google

3. Coca-Cola

4. IBM

5. Microsoft

6. General Electric

7. McDonald’s

8. Samsung

9. Intel

10. Toyota

As you can see, seven of the top 10 spots belong to technology companies. There is so much technology going into Toyota cars that you might as well count it as a technology company as well. This list shows that our nation’s priorities are changing. We want technology with everything we do and want to make sure we are getting the best. We don’t care about tradition or what our parents used to do. We just want to make sure we have the best.

Turn on electronic advertising

As a business, you need to stay on top of these kinds of things in order to compete. Since all of your customers will have technology and are always going to get the next best thing, that means you need to start advertising with the next best thing. Use the internet and phones to get your company name out there. Remind people you exist and that you have the best product. Get on Facebook and talk to customers there. Use other social media to your advantage. Text your customers reminders to come in for a deal, and stay on top of things, so you can beat out your closest competition. Using these technological devices to your advantage will put you far ahead of others. Hardly any businesses are currently utilizing texts and smartphones to advertise. Getting on top had never been easier.



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