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Smartwatches: is this goodbye to the smartphone?
Scott Navratil

Do you remember all those sci-fi movies showing you cool technology that would never really exist? You thought it was just cool to imagine. But now, the future is here, and so is all the technology. Now we have smartphones and laptops and the world at our fingertips. Now, we have the world at our wrists with the new smartwatch fad. The Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch was the first one released, but it will certainly not be the last.

It all started with Samsung

Samsung released its Galaxy Gear Smartwatch recently, and it has been a hit. It is pretty expensive and can only be paired with the Galaxy Note, making it unavailable to most people, but it has still done fairly well. The Samsung smartwatch allows you to receive text and email alerts to your wrist instead of having to check your phone. It is much easier for the busy person to decide whether or not the message is worth checking right now or if it can wait a while. It also doesn’t look quite as rude if you are checking your watch while in a meeting as it is when you pull out your phone and start looking through it.

Google playing catch up again

Google, the company that tries so desperately to be on the front of new technology but can never manage to get in first, is now playing catch-up again. In fact, it is nearing the end of development of its own smartwatch. According to Information Week, Google’s smartwatch will be voice-activated and have a long battery life. Many people are hoping Google carries over new technology into the smartwatch to allow for easy access and quick processing in the watch.

So, is this goodbye?

So far, smartwatches aren’t to the point where we would be able to give up cell phones completely, and we may never get there completely. Though smartwatches are convenient for texting or alerts, they aren’t as easy to use for emailing or phone calls. With such a small screen, it may be nearly impossible to get to that point. Maybe in a few years, the technology will put us in a place where we can open up our phones into bigger screens, but for now, it is too complicated to make the switch.

What about your text marketing

If you are worried that smartwatches will make text marketing more difficult, you should think again. One of the only things a smartwatch could do with such a small screen is send and receive text messages. That means you are safe as a business if you have been working hard on text marketing strategies. It seems no matter where our technology goes, something as simple as a quick message will never disappear. It will always be a safe method of communicating news from your business. If you don’t have a text marketing campaign started, you should get started. Why not take advantage of such a basic form of communication in our society?


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