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The smell of success: smartphone gadgets
Scott Navratil

Your smartphone can do practically anything now and days. With one small device, you have all the knowledge in the world. It can talk back to you, show you beautiful things, teach you stuff, send messages for you, update you on emails, and even more. What can’t it do? Well, until recently, it couldn’t give you the best of smells, but that will all change with a recent app development.

An accessory of course

You may be asking yourself how a smartphone could possibly release different smells without the technology being already built in to the device. The truth is, it is actually an accessory. It is a white gadget that goes into the headphone socket and uses an app to determine when the smell is released. It blends in with the phone, more or less, making it almost like it is part of the phone instead of an add-on gadget. With this extra feature, you can smell anytime you get a notification on your phone. The gadget was developed in Japan and is being distributed there currently. It seems the Japanese are always ahead of the curve when it comes to innovative technology.

The different smells

According to NY Daily News, there are a ton of different smells anywhere from the smell of roses to the smell of cinnamon rolls. You are encouraged to try them all. You can smell corn soup, apples, jasmine, coconut, mint, and much, much more. Though you have to purchase each of the fragrance cartridges individually for $5 each and the machine doesn’t allow you to hold multiple smells at once, you still get bursts of fragrance to tell you that you have a new message. Each of the cartridges hold 100 puffs of smell.

Cost of new technology

One might think this kind of technology is going to be really expensive because a lot of technology has to be stored in a small device. the truth is, the device only costs about $35 on Amazon. It isn’t available to Americans yet, but the product (called Scentee) will likely be released in the nation very soon. Many small products developed in Japan, such as this one, don’t make it to the US, so it must be doing really well in Japan.

What this means for text marketing

If you are texting a customer news from your business, there is always the chance they have silenced their phone or don’t hear the quick vibration indicating a message. With new technology like this, assuming it expands and becomes an everyday product for smartphone consumers, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Even if they don’t hear the notification, they are bound to smell the scent of news. It means you will get your message to the customer right away, and it may even smell like bananas, popsicles, or roses. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.


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Chantel Fullilove

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