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SMS Delivery Improved
Scott Navratil

Customers that use the Equiitext built-in scrubber for landline phone numbers see a 30% increase in SMS. We pull cell phone data from all open-source systems and multiple paid databases.

This landline and invalid number scrubber allows you to only send text messages to cell phone with SMS. Sending text to cell phones will reduce the bounce backs from carriers, causing freezing and other issues. Not only does it reduce the cost because you are no longer sending text messages to landline you are also increasing your SMS delivery.

Who sends hundreds of texts to landlines? That is the question carriers have to ask themselves and the answer/assumption is not in our favor.

How to scrub:

  • Click into your “All Contacts” group
  • Click the “More” dropdown in upper right
  • Choose Landline Scrub
  • Chose the “Free & Paid” option

The cost is 1 credit per record that was not found by our “Free” scrubber so calculate that in your credit budgeting.

Even if you select “Free & Paid” it still only charges you for scrubs NOT covered by the Free.

It runs Free first and afterward, it runs the Paid. Typically, Free & Paid together is 30% more accurate than Free alone.

For those of you that are already schooled on this, thank you for your kind consideration. We are all working together to keep delivery rates high and your revenue flowing.

Chantel Fullilove

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