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SMS Marketing: Still does the trick
Scott Navratil

Many people out there may be thinking to themselves that sms marketing is way oldschool. Though just a few years ago, it may have been the main means of mobile marketing, it seems to be a less-often used product. But is that really the case? Are you really better off using other means of mobile marketing when SMS is still found on all cell phones?

SMS is boss

The truth is that even though you may be trying to hit more people by adjusting your mobile marketing efforts to avoid sms marketing, you may actually be losing a lot of customers. Despite the fact that people get really irritated when they are ignored for technological devices, it is clear that almost everyone prefers to use them, according to The Next Web. Almost every phone has SMS capabilities, but not every phone has the internet or the ability to get any other kind of advertisement. If you really want to hit all your customers instead of just the ones with upgraded phones, then you need to start advertising with SMS marketing.

SMS marketing call to action

As a business, it is essential that you have appropriate call to actions in your advertising. In a text message, there isn’t a lot of room for anything other than a call to action. “Get 10% off this week. Head into your closest store” is about all you have room to say in your messages. Because it is straight to the point, your customers won’t get lost in confusing messaging and are more likely to check out the deals. Getting someone to buy your product has never been easier.

A spark for conversation

The best part of using SMS marketing, especially if you have a great automated system that allows for automatic conversations, is the ability to talk with your customers. It opens up a way for you to reach out to them and them to reach back to you. Customer service is severely lacking in most companies, but it is one of the most important ways to keep your customers happy. If you want repeat business and happier customers, you need to do everything you can to communicate with them. SMS is just an easy way to do that.

Immediate response

If you are using SMS marketing, your customers will respond more quickly to your marketing campaigns. If you email, it could be a day or two before the business starts increasing. With billboard ads, you won’t even know how many customers get the message. With text messaging, customers are able to more easily stop what they are doing and head over to your store. It is the best way to get an immediate response since people will immediately check their text messages. Few people check their junk mail on a regular basis, and almost everyone has an email that is either just for junk mail or separates junk mail from the regular mail. You don’t have to worry about getting sorted out as junk mail or about not getting your message seen right away.


The Next Web

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