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SMS Messaging Benefits Nonprofits
Scott Navratil

One of the greatest challenge facing a nonprofit is finding the necessary funds to benefit the purpose of the organization and simply survive.

Recent years have recorded a rise in the number of registered nonprofit organizations, which creates more competition for finding sources of funding. According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, there are more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the United States alone.

In addition, cuts in federal and state funding for nonprofits and other endowments have made government-funded donations limited or nonexistent.

The financial challenges facing nonprofits require these organizations to be able to successfully market to the public without costing them their entire budget. SMS messaging is a cost-effective and yet powerful means to market to public audiences.

SMS Messaging for Nonprofit Marketing

The greatest asset of SMS messages is their read rate. Adobe’s digital marketing blog points out the huge contrast between email and text message read rates. Email open rates are between 20 and 30 percent. Text messages have a 98 percent open rate. In addition, 90 percent are read within 3 seconds of a message being received. There is nothing more convincing that to know that anything that is texted has a 98 percent chance of being read.

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Text messages are the most efficient means to reach out to audiences. It is true that there are a variety of marketing means, and most nonprofits are taking advantage of those. Nonprofits make phone calls, send out emails, mail out donor slips, create online campaigns, and more. However, nonprofits can increase the impact of their marketing campaign by utilizing text messages.

Receiving Donations through Text Messages

There are other advantages than just a higher read rate for text messages. In fact, nonprofits can set up donation campaigns through text messaging. TriplePundit highlighted this process in an article featured on their site. New fundraising software allow nonprofits to set up a keyword message to coordinate with a specific action. For example, potential donors can text a keyword message to a specified number. They then receive a reply message with a link or instructions on how to make a donation. Some applications simplify the process even further. People can text a keyword to a number to automatically donate a set amount. That amount is then added to their monthly phone bill and donated directly to the fundraising organization.

The Mobile Giving Foundations presents a great example of how simple it is to facilitate a text message donation campaign. A simple message can be texted, tweeted, or posted to mobile devices. For example, “Help support @TeenCancerUSA! Text NOLAN to 20222 and a one-time $5 donation will be added to your phone bill upon confirmation. :)” Then anyone who texts that specific keyword to the phone number, will automatically donate five dollars to the cause. Donations campaigns through SMS messaging are simple and efficient.

More Benefits to Nonprofit Texting

Nonprofits can benefit in a variety of ways from using SMS messaging. Text messages are more energy efficient and green than printing out flyers and handouts. Plus, nonprofits can save a substantial amount of money on designing and printing paper announcements, renting billboard space or commercial time, and any other marketing tactic.

SMS message marketing and communication provides an incredible opportunity to benefit any organization, especially nonprofits. By better reaching the public, more efficient donation methods, saving money, and being green, SMS messaging is the best method for marketing and communication for nonprofits.

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