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Social Media Marketing in 2020: Mistakes to Avoid
Scott Navratil

In 2020, social media marketing will become more important than ever. With AI chatbot working flawlessly with social media platforms and people spending more of their time on social sites, it makes sense for businesses to utilize the online resource for marketing. Here are some mistakes to avoid in the new year.

Avoiding artificial intelligence

Many businesses have already started to work with an artificial intelligence company to get it integrated with their marketing efforts. However, a lot of businesses are still avoiding it. This is a huge mistake, as using artificial intelligence on social media sites can boost your efforts significantly. You’ll be able to more effectively analyze what is working, change your marketing routine, and even interact with customers without having to have an employee there answering questions constantly.

The other reason this is important is because AI can analyze data for you and give information about what tactics are working in real time, so you can change your methods quickly to avoid wasted time.

Focusing on likes, shares, tweets

A lot of businesses focus too much on trying to get more likes, retweets, or even shares of their content without realizing that a like doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing as a customer. Someone might like your status without ever even realizing you are a business trying to sell a product. Make sure you focus more on engagement with customers with the purpose of sales rather than just getting a like on a post.

Sticking with one social media site

There are a lot of social media sites out there, but most businesses stick with one, usually Facebook. The problem is that your customers are on all different types of social media channels, and while having a Facebook account is important, using other social media sites will broaden your customer base as well as make it easier to interact with customers all over the Internet. With that in mind, don’t post the same content on every single social media channel every time. Different social media channels have different purposes, and businesses need to use them accordingly.

Whatever you do, make sure to use social media as a part of your marketing strategy in 2020. Don’t get overwhelmed or scared of it. Just dive in and figure out what works for your business and what your customers want on social media platforms.

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