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Sony’s secret smartwatch not secret after all
Scott Navratil

Everyone has been waiting to hear about the Sony smartwatch, which means there have been a ton of rumors flying about what it will be and when it will be released. The truth is, the Sony smartwatch has actually been hiding in plain site on a Japanese crowdfunding site since September, which means details of the watch have actually been released for a while now. The problem is that it was released under the name Fashion Entertainments, which meant people thought the e-paper watch was actually coming from a different company.

Why hide from Sony name?

Sony wanted to know whether or not people were interested in the idea of an e-paper watch before it went into production, but it also wanted to know how well the idea would do without being attached to the Sony name, according to International Business Times. By releasing it on a crowdfunding site under the name Fashion Entertainments, which is technically a subsidiary of Sony, the electronics company was able to get real opinions from people and find out real interest in the product.

Struggle at Sony

Sony has had a really hard time with sales lately. Smartphone sales and TV sales have been down, which means a project like this could bring in a lot of extra business that the company desperately needs. Offering e-paper smartwatch technology could be a huge profit-making move for the company or it could be a huge waste of money if they put money into developing a product that nobody is interested in. For Sony, it was a smart move to check interest on the product before putting too much into producing it. The Samsung smartwatch is expected to be released sometime in March 2015 for those who want to try out a new kind of wearable technology.

Accessing customers faster

The nice thing about all these companies developing smartwatch technology is that it provides your business with a way to reach customers faster than ever before. One of the biggest reasons people want smartwatches is that they can, instead of pulling out their phone for every message or notification received, just pull up their wrist and see what came. And being able to respond through voice recognition is just an added bonus, especially when they want to get and receive messages faster than ever. Because of this, your business can easily receive messages from your customer and have answers seen within seconds of it being sent. The only problem is that your company needs to make sure you are just as prepared to send and receive texts as quickly as your customers are. With an automated artificial intelligence texting system, you’ll be able to answer your customer’s questions within seconds and without having to hire a staff to answer them. This will keep your customers happy because the get answers on their smartwatches quickly.


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