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Success Behind Mobile Real Estate Applications
Scott Navratil

With today’s housing market constantly fluctuating, it can be incredibly difficult for people to sell their homes.  Working with real estate agents can quickly become pricey, and trying to sell homes on your own can be stressful.  Posting homes for sale or for rent on sites such as Craigslist is not as effective as it used to be, although it still works to some extent.  Understanding the popularity of smartphones and tablets and consumers’ dependency on them, real estate companies such as Zillow and Redfin have created interactive applications for mobile devices that help home owners either list their homes or look for homes to purchase in and easy and effective way.  We live in a world where mobile technology has become a part of everyday life.  People rely on their mobile devices for pretty much everything, and in order for companies to become successful it is vital that they are a part of the mobile world.  According to Mobile Marketer, the mobile technology generations will encompass 76% of household growth in the future, and so it is important that real estate agencies use mobile technology in order to enhance business.  Those in the market for a new home are already familiar with real estate applications, and research shows that they go to those applications before anything else when looking for real estate.  Let’s face it, it is much simpler to quickly scan the Zillow application to find potential real estate and all its details than it is to log on to the MLS to find information anymore.  Advancing with technology will only enhance business for real estate companies.  

Mobile marketing is not as difficult as it seems

Perhaps one reason companies hesitate to advance with technology is because it seems like a time consuming and expensive task.  This might have been the case when applications and other forms of mobile marketing were first introduced, but now that they are so common, companies can create interactive marketing applications for free most of the time.  Technology is all about convenience, so innovators are constantly coming up with ways to make technology even more convenient than it already is.  This is great news for companies who are afraid to embrace mobile technology because it seems difficult to use.  It is easier than ever now!  Because mobile technology is not only simple to use for companies, but also for consumers, companies are silly not to use it to their advantage.  Data shows that those companies who are active users of mobile technology for marketing purposes bring in substantially more business than those companies who are not.  Some companies believe that mobile marketing is for retail, but as these new real estate applications have shown us, any type of company is likely to see more success from mobilemarketing than if they do not use it at all.  Mobile marketing is the most effective way to reach consumers, and companies need to become a part of it.


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