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The Success Behind Push Notifications
Scott Navratil

Interactive marketing applications and SMS advertisements are becoming a popular form of mobile marketing for companies of all types.  As technology advances, these forms of mobile marketing continue to succeed in bringing in and retaining business.  Companies have quickly learned that becoming part of the mobile world and frequently maintaining their mobile presence is a vital part of their success.  Smartphones and tablets are now a part of most consumers’ daily lives, which gives great opportunity to companies to reach out to a broad number of consumers and bring in more business.  If mobile marketing is done correctly, companies can count on the majority of their consumers sticking with them.  It is a mobile world, and consumers are depending on their mobile devices to make their lives as convenient as possible.  Push notifications used to be seen as an annoyance, but now that mobile devices are so important to their users, push notifications have become another convenient feature for consumers.  Push notifications can be used through applications or SMS features.  They send instant company information to consumers, and have already proven to bring in business for companies.  Now, push notification and iBeacon technologies are teaming up to make life even more convenient for consumers by alerting them of special deals, products, and other information when consumers are within a certain radius of the company.  This has proven to drive in immediate business as well as give them best deals to consumers so they keep coming back!

Push notifications work for companies in several ways

According to Mobile Marketer, not only are push notifications great for mobile marketing, they also help companies with tasks such as alerting them when inventory is low or giving them the daily income totals.  This is always helpful for big retail companies particularly during the holiday season when shopping becomes even more important for consumers.  Push notifications also supplement customer service options by alerting customers about low inventory so they can rush in before products are sold out, or if they are shopping on-line, push notifications alert them about products in their cart that need to be ordered before they are sold out.  The acceptance of push notifications becomes greater as technology improves, and instead of an annoyance, consumers are looking at them as another form of convenience.  When creating interactive marketing applications, or SMS advertisements, companies should definitely consider adding a push notification feature not only to benefit the consumer, but also to remind them of the company’s existence.  Research shows that consumers often delete applications after one use if the applications do not contain the features they are looking for.  Do not under estimate the importance of the little details when it comes to mobile marketing.  Consumers count on those little details to make their lives easier, and if companies want to see success those little details will make all of the difference.


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