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Not so surprising news from Apple on iPhone 5c
Scott Navratil

It was easily predicted that Apple wouldn’t do very well trying to sell a cheaper version of the iPhone by releasing the 5c. This phone was intended to be sold to customers that could not afford a more expensive iPhone or wanted to buy something cheaper for their kids. Mostly, Apple was trying to hit foreign markets with a cheaper iPhone option. But, of course, it was not successful.

Why will nobody buy the iPhone 5c?

The iPhone 5c didn’t do well because of a few reasons. First, it was still more expensive than many other smartphones, even if it was cheaper than the iPhone 5s. Parents trying to get a cheap smartphone for their kids would rather pay almost nothing than a hundred dollars or so for an iPhone. Or, if they are going to pay for a smartphone, they’d rather just get the nicer one. People in other countries were targets, but the same situation applied. If they could afford a nicer phone, they wanted the iPhone 5s instead of the 5c, and those who couldn’t afford the 5s couldn’t get the 5c either.

Last ditch attempt to get more sales

The price of the iPhone 5c was dropped everywhere to about $50. With expectations high, companies were prepared to sell thousands of them, but hardly any ended up making it into the phone market. By the time the price dropped, people had already moved on and weren’t interested. According to ABC, Apple has asked many of its suppliers to slow production of pieces used in the iPhone 5c. This indicates there have been fewer sales than expected by the technology giant.

Is it all bad?

It actually isn’t a bad thing for Apple to sell fewer of the cheap phone and more of the expensive phone. There still have been plenty of sales, and Apple is making quite a bit of money off the phone sales. Even though there aren’t as many iPhone 5c phones selling as expected, Apple made more money off the ones that sold than they would have if the iPhone 5c was never released.

What would you do?

You could choose to get a more expensive iPhone, a cheaper one, or pick from the other Android options available. Almost all of them will have the ability to get you text messages, email and browse the web. Those are the basic functions of most phones. The only reason to really pick the iPhone over an Android is to make it easy to have the same thing available to all of your devices, such as your phone, computer, tablet, ipod, and more. The technology on other devices is just as good and possibly even better with the new curved screens and smartwatches being released by other manufacturers. If you want a new phone and can’t decide what to pick, just ask yourself if you would rather have the latest technology or most popular phone. Then you will be able to decide.


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