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Switching from Android to iPhone
Scott Navratil

We’ve heard a lot lately from Google’s Eric Schmidt suggesting everyone who owns an iPhone switch over to an Android. He keeps saying it is the better phone and that everyone needs to switch, and he even created a how-to guide for moving everything over. His wisdom was helpful for those who decided to make the move but seemed a little irritating for Apple lovers. Apple, on the other hand, took a less abrasive approach to stealing customers.

Creation of the iPhone 5c

Everyone has looked at the 5c as a complete failure because way more people are buying the 5s than are buying the 5c. But maybe that wasn’t the point, according to CITE World. In fact, it seems as the iPhone 5c may have been very successful if Apple’s marketing strategy was to get more new customers. The cell phone market has gotten to the point where phone makers are no longer focused on getting new customers but are now much more focused on stealing customers from competitors. Hence Eric Schmidt’s recent attempts to steal iPhone users for Android. the iPhone 5s was very popular among users who already had an iPhone, but people who were switching from Android were much more likely to get the iPhone 5c. Apparently the cheaper price point was worth it for a lot of cell phone buyers.

Many reasons to choose the iPhone 5c

There are many reasons to choose the iPhone 5c, but the biggest one is definitely price point. It is really expensive to buy a smartphone let alone pay for the plan every month to get talk, text and data. But for those deciding to make the move to iPhone from Android, the decision may be as easy as the cost is low. Especially for families with teenagers or people who simply cannot afford a $500 phone every time they want or need an upgrade.

Will you make the switch?

The question now is whether or not you will switch. Whether you are switching from Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android, you will have to decide whether or not it is worth it. For some people, it is just way too much work to switch. If you already have an iPhone with a ton of apps and music on it, then the work to get all set up on a new phone might be way too much. On the other hand, a clean slate might be just what you need to convince yourself to finally clean up your phone. If you are going to switch from Android to iPhone, you will have to give up the ability to do whatever you want with your phone. Apple is very restrictive about the apps that are allowed, the music that is allowed, and wants to have control over everything. Android, on the other hand, lets you do whatever you want. There are definitely bonuses to both brands, so it really just depends on what your priorities are.


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