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Taking your marketing mobile
Scott Navratil

Next time you go out, look around you. Tally in your head just how many people are on their phones, either talking on them or using them in some fashion. You might be surprised just how many people are on their phones, and just how often they’re on them. If you’re like the average person, you yourself check your phone over a hundred times a day. Because of our obsession with mobile devices, it makes sense that businesses are finding ways to market using mobile channels. In this day and age, mobile marketing has become a must.

If you haven’t already launched a mobile marketing campaign, here are some things you might want to consider.

Mobile shopping is on the rise

According to a recent report, 53% of Americans own a smartphone. That means over half of the population in America have the ability to search the web wherever they are and whatever they’re doing. The vast majority of the 47% who don’t own a smartphone own a mobile device of some kind such as a basic cell phone. Most important of all, nearly a third of all Americans report using their mobile devices to shop. Whether that’s actually purchasing online, or using their devices to look up directions and drop in personally, people are shopping via their phones.


Consider other marketing channels. A television ad is sure to reach a portion of your target audience, but there’s no guarantee that any given person will be sitting in front of the TV at the moment your advertisement airs. Email marketing is another popular channel that is even more likely to reach your target audience. However, you can’t know just how many of your audience will actually read your emails. You don’t know which email providers will automatically send your emails to the junk folder. You can look at any number of other channels and you’ll have similar doubts.

The advantage to mobile marketing is that people are almost always within arm’s reach of their phone. Going back to the example of television advertising, if people within your target audience get up to use the restroom or raid the kitchen when the commercials start up, they’ll most likely take their phones with them, and they’ll most likely see your ad. Mobile marketing is effective because it’s immediate. Your customers will in all likelihood at least see your ad. If you’re sending text messages as part of your campaign, they’ll see them instantly.

Mobile is personal

There’s something intimate about communicating via smartphone. Perhaps it’s because our phones are an extension of ourselves. They have become a part of us. We tune out TV and radio ads and we skim past the print ads in magazines and newspapers, but when we get a text, everything else stops and we pay attention, at least for a few seconds. If you want to cut through all of the marketing noise and be heard by your target audience, mobile marketing is the way to go.


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