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Ten cool ways you can use chatbots
Scott Navratil

When app stores and mobile applications started to show up in 2008, they were the hottest thing in mobile technology. Today, it’s chatbots that are the new up and coming technology that has people excited. Chatbots are computer programs that are designed to converse with humans over the internet usually trough some kind of chat or messenger platform. Many businesses are rushing to create their own chatbots to automate customer service needs and free up human resources. Chatbots are set to revolutionize the way that brands and consumers interact with each other. Here are just a few of the exciting ways chatbots are already being employed.

Order pizza

Domino’s Pizza was one of the earliest adopters of chatbots. Their goal was to make it as convenient as possible to order a pizza. They have chatbots that operate over SMS, Twitter, and Facebook Messenger so you can “tweet,” message, or text to order a pizza.

Product suggestions

One of the reasons many people still prefer to shop in person is because they like to speak with a store employee to ask questions and get suggestions. Now there are chatbots that simulate that experience for the online shopper. Instead of just looking at products and reading customer reviews, customers can engage with a chatbot to ask questions and receive suggestions.

Customer service

The most popular use for chatbots is in customer service. Customers can quickly get answers to simple questions or get order updates through chatbots so that like customer service agents can focus on the more difficult issues that chatbots can’t resolve.

Weather reports

Chatbots offer a very simple way to get updates on current or upcoming weather in your area by simply sending a text, message, or tweet.

Schedule meetings

Many companies are using chatbots to handle simple secretarial work like scheduling meetings. The chatbot can coordinate between various peoples’ calendars to find a time that works for everybody and then put the meeting on those calendars.


There are many different chatbots that make travel easier. For instance, there are chatbots that allow you to quickly compare prices for various airlines and there are some chatbots that will even allow you to book a flight from a messenger app. Other chatbots will allow you to check in or check the status of a flight once you’ve booked it.


With today’s faster pace of life, many don’t have time to stay up on current events. Fortunately, there are chatbots that can quickly relate the top stories of the day from your favorite news networks.


Forget swiping left or right. Chatbots are now being used to connect people with similar interests. Simply tell the chatbot what you’re looking for in a partner and you’re on your way.

Send money

Chatbots make it easier than ever before to send money through services like PayPal. Simply type “/paypal send $X amount to @username” and money leaves your account and goes to theirs.

Find a restaurant

There are few things as difficult as agreeing on which restaurant to eat at. There are chatbots that will take into account the preferences of people in the group to recommend nearby restaurants that meet those criteria. Some can even book reservations for the restaurant or alert you when your table is ready.


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