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Text marketing works: no cell phone means no life
Scott Navratil

Do you remember phone books? Of course you do, unless you’re under the age of 18 in which case you may never have had to use them. They used to be our lifelines for finding a plumber or looking up an old friend. Now, with the internet at our fingertips all the time, we don’t need a phone book. That is why it is so important for you to have a cell phone. Without one, you aren’t connected. And if you aren’t connected, it may be nearly impossible for people to find you. It is as if you don’t even exist.

Trying to get by without a cell phone

If you are trying to live without a cell phone, you may want to think again. About 90 percent of American adults have cell phones, so you should probably get on board. But let’s be honest, those who don’t have cell phones basically don’t exist, according to The Telegraph. Have you ever had your cell phone die while in the middle of nowhere and realize that you have no idea how to fix the problem? Nobody would know where to find you, and you basically don’t exist anymore. The cell phone has become part of our existence, a basic right if you will. We need them to function.

That brings us to texting

If a cell phone is a basic function for us, then texting has got to be pretty basic too. How many people do you know that have a cell phone but don’t ever text? According to Chad at Business News Daily, “It has quickly become one of the fastest and easiest ways to communicate with friends and family.” When you text someone, you know they will get it and respond back faster than if you left a voicemail or if you had to stop by to give the message. It is quicker than email, and there aren’t a lot of filters out for texting. As a business, texting someone means you are going to get an immediate response and they will quickly get back to you. Worse comes to worse, they see the text and do nothing about it. If you have an automated texting system, it costs you practically nothing to send it, so it can’t hurt.

Marketing through text

When you start your text marketing, you need to make sure you have short messages that are quick and easy to read. A person may not be willing to sit and read the whole message if it is a long paragraph. The whole point is to quickly relay important information. It isn’t hard to get customers to sign up for the service if they know it will be an easy way to communicate their wants and needs to you. Just make sure you have an auto-responder text system, so it doesn’t take you more time than necessary to respond to all the clients. Send out polls and surveys for customers to review and improve your business, and give out as many coupons as possible. Then, you’ll be doing really well.


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