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Texting customers: The unexpected adrenaline
Scott Navratil

Our society has a serious problem with distracted driving. Though drunk driving may not be as bad as it used to, texting and driving has become really bad. It is so bad, in fact, that New Jersey is planning to ban the use of texting while stopped at red lights. What causes people to feel the need to text and drive despite the fact they know it is dangerous for them?

What’s going on in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, a bill may soon be passed to ban texting while at stop lights. It is actually much safer if people are texting at stop lights instead of while driving, so maybe it should be encouraged, but the State Senate may not quite a agree. According to, they said it was about discouraging distracted driving just like you would discourage drunk driving. If a person is at a stop light while drunk, they can still be ticketed. The same should apply to texting. The only real problem with that argument is that a drunk person at a stop light will still be drunk when the light turns green whereas a person who is texting will not still be texting when the car is moving, in theory. Some people will always feel the need to text and drive. Maybe it is because of the Opening Effect.

The Opening Effect

When you get something unexpected, it is exciting. In fact, it releases adrenaline to your brain and pumps you full of energy. I like to call this the Opening Effect. This is why it is so much fun to open presents at Christmas or get a letter in the mail. Then, you have to open it right away to see what it is (or at least you want to). The same concept applies to texting. Every time you get a text, unless you have been texting someone specific someone, it is exciting and gives you a little energy. Then, as a reaction to that energy, you want to do something about it. Businesses need to find a better way to take advantage of the unexpected, which is easy to do with texting.

One great example of how to text

Say you decide to text a half off coupon to your customers. Why does it work to bring in a lot of business? First, the customer checks their text right away because it is unexpected and they need to know what it is right away, even if this causes danger to others (hence the reason for texting and driving or texting while walking across the street). Then, they will see a coupon. While they still have a small burst of energy and are feeling a crunch to use the coupon right away, they will head over to your shop and start buying.

Business texting can work

Though you don’t want any customers in dangerous situations because of your texts, you do want to reach them as soon as possible. Sending a text means they will get it right away and is more likely to bring in your customers. Just use the Opening Effect, and your texting will work perfectly.


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