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Does texting hurt the morals of society?
Scott Navratil

Texting has become a part of everyday life, and people will debate whether or not it has had a positive impact on society. One one hand, you can quickly relay important dates and times, but on the other hand, it discourages human interaction. It is much easier to say the hard things because you aren’t doing it to someone’s face, but is that good or bad? No matter what the case, most people have accepted texting in society and are okay with using it. Everyone except for the governments in Pakistan and some Indian villages.

Taking away texting

In Pakistan, the telecommuting regulatory body of the government is trying to prevent teens from getting phones with texting packages, according to International Business Times. The reasoning behind this is that teens are more likely to participate in inappropriate conversations which lead to immoral behavior. The authorities in Pakistan are trying to find ways to ensure a moral compass in society that does not involve premarital or extramarital affairs, and texting is making that too difficult. So, instead of speaking with the youth about appropriate texting behavior or teaching them to make right decisions, they have just banned it. Authorities in India may agree.

Few phone rights for women

Though cell phones are quite common in India, one village actually banned girls who were unmarried from having cell phones, and married women with cell phones were monitored very closely. The village did not want to have any problems with cell phone activity turning into inappropriate relationships, according to International Business Times, so they just banned them. The fine was so high for having a cell phone that nobody could afford to break the law. They believed this was the best way to prevent immoral behavior. The fear of cell phones turning into inappropriate behavior is widespread in India, though few towns have actually initiated laws against it.

Here in America

In the US, things are very different. Everyone has a cell phone, young old, married or unmarried, male or female. That means communication happens, quite often, through text messages. Do you think this has caused problems with our morals? Whether that is really the case or not, there are two things we do know. You can always communicate through a text message, whether as a business or an individual, and your message will always be seen.

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Source: International Business Times

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