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Three mobile marketing channels you can’t ignore
Scott Navratil

Mobile marketing isn’t just a channel. In fact, it’s an entire branch of the marketing industry made up of countless channels. Mobile marketing encompasses all advertising efforts that in anyway relate to mobile devices and mobile technology. Whether it’s mobile websites, mobile apps, QR codes, or text messages, they all fall under the category of mobile marketing. Mobile marketing has quickly grown to become the most important type of marketing in large part because it’s so cost effective. A relatively small investment can yield a big ROI. Too many business owners new to mobile marketing, text message marketing (or SMS marketing) is synonymous with mobile marketing. But in actuality, there are many other options available to them. Here’s a look at some of them.

Social media marketing

Social media can no longer be separated from mobile. That’s because approximately half of all social media users access their social media almost exclusively from mobile devices. If you’re marketing on social media, then you’re marketing to mobile users. Social media marketing is such a powerful tool. Best of all it’s completely free to get started with. In a matter of minutes a business can have a number of social media pages up and running. It’s a matter of creating a free business page, inserting contact information and uploading some content whether it’s photos, videos, or text.

The real value of social media is that it connects consumers to brands in a way that seems natural rather than forced. It fosters communication between consumers and businesses and gives brands the opportunity to build relationships with those consumers. Finally, social media marketing allows consumers to become advocates for the brands they love by sharing them with their family and friends.

Content marketing

Content marketing often gets grouped in with social media marketing because there is a lot of overlap. Content marketing involves the creation and sharing of various types of content in order to drum up business. By definition, social media marketing is content marketing because it relies on businesses posting photos, videos, and text. But content marketing also exists outside of social media. A business might start a blog or a Youtube channel to promote their message.

Text message marketing

No list of mobile marketing channels would be complete without text message marketing. Text message marketing is what gave mobile marketing it’s start. It’s where it all began. Though it’s the oldest mobile marketing channel, it’s far from being outdated. In fact in remains the most popular and effective mobile marketing strategy.

With so many different mobile marketing channels, the possible combinations are virtually endless. The best campaigns will utilize a number of channels. But the three most common ingredients will always be social media marketing, content marketing, and text message marketing.


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