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Three reasons your small business needs a mobile marketing strategy
Scott Navratil

What started out as an experimental, fringe marketing strategy, has grown to become an essential part of every brand’s advertising efforts. Smartphones are the gateway into people’s personal lives so it only stands to reason that mobile marketing would be a crucial element to getting people to make purchases. The truth is, every business, even the smallest ones, need to invest in a mobile marketing strategy. Here are three reasons why.

To establish your brand

Your brand is more than the name you attach to your products . It’s more than a logo. It’s your mark on the world. It’s what sets you apart from everyone else who might make similar products or work in the same industry. Your brand is a message to consumers about what your company stands for. Short TV commercials, or radio and print ads can’t capture in 30 seconds or in a single image and a few words, what your brand encapsulates as well as mobile marketing can. Mobile marketing channels like SMS or social media are ideal for such a goal because consumers get a more personal look at how your brand interacts with customers day-to-day, something you can’t get in any one advertisement.

To build a loyal customer base

Mobile marketing channels like SMS and social media are also good channels  for establishing a base of loyal customers who are patrons of your business. It’s where the people who can’t get enough of your brand will go. Customer loyalty programs through SMS allow customers to get occasional updates on their favorite brands right on their smartphone. Social media followers likewise can see content posted by their favorite brands instantaneously and can interact with these brands. Making exclusive offers with these channels offers something of value to customers so that they continue to follow your brand and share it with their family and friends so your loyal customer base is always growing.

Build relationships with customers

Finally, mobile channels like SMS and social media are more personal than other marketing channels so using them to communicate with customers makes them feel more connected with your brand and not just like potential customers you’re trying to market to. Through SMS you can run customer satisfaction surveys after a purchase to make sure you’re keeping customers happy. Through social media you can respond to negative and public reviews in such a way that you make a positive impression on everyone else who might see it.

Chantel Fullilove

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