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Tips for Local Marketing
Scott Navratil

Marketing to specific audiences is important to building your brand and properly selling what you have to offer. But did you know that marketing locally can also be extremely successful? A lot of businesses focus solely on online marketing and AI chatbot, which are definitely necessary to reaching your audience. However, here are some tips you can follow for local marketing to up your game.

Local charity

Focusing on charity will always help customers to know that your business cares about the community and will get everyone involved in doing good together. There are many ways you can do charity together including things as simple as collecting cans for the food bank or as complicated as holding a charity auction. Whatever it is, helping your local community will always be a win-win for the community and your business.

Take advantage of local events

If there’s an annual event in your area that everyone seems to attend or big conferences in town, get involved in them. Show up and show off your product or become a sponsor of the event. Pass out candy at a trunk or treat or help out with a local Christmas event. Instead of spending all day cramped in a room posting stuff on social media, get involved in the community events and actually talk to customers.

Discounts for local businesses

One great way to show support for your community is to make an arrangement with other local businesses to offer discounts to employees for all the businesses. It shows support for other businesses and your company’s willingness to work with other companies.

Customer loyalty

Another great way to show support to local customers is to offer a loyalty program that allows them to get a punch card of some sort. It rewards them for their loyalty to your business and shows that your company cares a lot about its customers.

While there are many other ways to show community support, ultimately, getting involved in your community will give your business more exposure to local customers and will show how much you care.

Chantel Fullilove

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