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Top 4 Methods of Communicating with Customers
Scott Navratil

Whether you are focusing on how you can market to a customer or how a customer can contact a customer service member, being able to properly communicate makes a huge difference. If you can’t communicate what you are selling or how to use it, how are customers ever supposed to know what they are getting? And if they can’t get fast and easy answers to their questions, many customers will simply go somewhere else. Here are 4 methods of communicating with customers that you can follow to ensure you don’t face either of those problems.


Being able to text or chat a customer actually works well when it comes to both marketing and customer service. It is a simple and easy way to send out automated and personalized marketing messages to people while also providing a fast and easy way for customers to text you for answers to their questions. Using AI chatbot will help you get the most out of communicating with customers through text because a machine can easily send out personalized messages and respond to questions 24/7 without a real person ever having to get involved.


Emailing went out of style for a few years as texting and social media became more popular forms of communication. But it has come back in style and is extremely popular again. In fact, 63% of those surveyed said they prefer email communications with businesses over any other form of communication, putting text in second at 14%. On top of that, 59% said that they would likely make a purchase if that email included a sitewide or category wide sale. Artificial Intelligence also can help to personalize emails and determine what types of content your audience wants to see in an email.

Social Media

One way to easily stay in contact with customers, new and old, is through social media platforms. Most people turn to social media when looking for recommendations for where to go or what to buy. Plus, people are on social media all day making it easy to worm your way into an ad or two on their account. Artificial Intelligence can help identify what type of content you should be posting as well as what kinds of responses customers want from you. Make sure to engage customers with new content on your social media accounts regularly, and respond to any comments on your page as quickly as possible, so they feel validated and valued.

Phone conversations

Even with all the other methods of communication out there, phone conversations will never go away. However, all the other methods of communicating actually help since there are fewer people who call in with questions if they can get their answers in other ways. Artificial intelligence can even help here by “listening” to the conversation and giving recommendations to the customer service agent on what to say next based on the customer’s previous history with the company and how the call is going.

Chantel Fullilove

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