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Top smartphone accessories for Christmas gifts
Scott Navratil

Have you been having trouble figuring out what gifts to buy for that special someone this year? There are a million things they may love, but the best thing might be mobile accessories or a new phone. With smartphones becoming our lifelines, smartphone accessories work for everyone. If it is someone close to you that doesn’t already have a smartphone, you may want to consider getting one set up. Here are a few options of things to buy.

An Android, says Google’s Schmidt

Though there are probably many people you know who don’t have a smartphone at all, Google’s Schmidt suggests that you buy an Android phone for all your loved ones, especially those who are iPhone owners. More than likely, Schmidt’s remarks are a little skewed since he works at Google which owns Android. Still, it might actually be a pretty good idea to buy smartphones for people who either don’t have cell phones at all or are still trying to make the move to from a regular phone to a smartphone.

A cell phone case

Having a cell phone case seems like one of those things we all need, though we may avoid getting it by nature of it being a little bit of a burden. People you love might appreciate getting a case for their new phones and now having to find time to go do it themselves. This is especially good if you are paying for the phone (I’m talking to you parents), and you don’t want the kid to drop the brand new phones.

Olloclip 3 in 1 lens

According to 3G, this lens is something you can easily snap onto your smartphone to give you a much better picture quality and a lot more options for taking great pictures. The only real problem is if you don’t want to have bulky hardware on your phone or if you don’t care for taking pictures. Oh, and did I mention it only comes for the iPhone? So maybe not perfect for everyone, but it could be a great gift for camera-loving friends and family.

Accessories for the car

With the exception of younger teenagers that can’t drive, everyone uses their phone in the car. Whether as a GPS, to make emergency phone calls, or to play games while on long road trips, you will want some kind of accessory. At the very least, it would be worth purchasing a car charger for the phone. They make some that are convertible and can also be used to charge your phone in a wall, making them the perfect accessory for someone who goes on long road trips. If they need a GPS, you can get phone holders that lock the phone in place and make it a makeshift GPS. It may even work better than a GPS since the maps are constantly being updated with Google Maps.

It all comes down to phones

The truth is, people love their phones almost as much as, if not more than, they love the people around them. It means Christmas this year will be full of smartphone gifts and people excited to get them. And that means your business will get a lot more opportunities to reach customers through texting. Get your texting system set up now, so you are ready in the new year.


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