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Turning mobile into everything you want
Scott Navratil

One of the biggest frustrations in life is making a purchase knowing you can’t get everything you want. If you buy a phone with better storage, it may have a terrible camera. You can’t get that extra pass through fireplace in the new house. We are constantly making compromises with the things we buy because, most of the time, it isn’t offered any other way. How would you like it if you could change that? What if you could get everything you wanted from mobile? Well, now you can with Cyanogen.

What is Cyanogen?

Cyanogen is a company that provided software for Android devices to allow people to customer it however they want. It is an open source platform, so you can really do anything you want with it. There are millions of possibilities, according to USA Today. The point of creating the software, however, was really to allow people to change their Android settings on an everyday basis. It is the way of letting people get anything and everything they wanted on their phone without hoping some other company can create it for you.

Everything you want

No more having to compromise, you can get everything you want in an Android device. The program will work to keep things compatible on your phone but also allow you to have everything you need on your phone. This is what the people want. Nobody wants the same old thing as everyone else. Instead, they want a phone they can change up. It speaks to your own individuality and gives you a chance to create things never thought of before.

The craze of individuality

Individuality in everything we do has become something Americans crave. We are all alike in that we all want to be different. Now we can create our own phones, thanks to Moto X, and we can customize the features of our phones, thanks to Cyanogen. We can don’t have to restrict ourselves to the same thing as everyone else. Maybe that’s why Apple is struggling to keep all the iPhone customers lately. Nobody wants to have the exact same thing as everyone else with the same colors, same apps, and same functionality.

One thing we all have and want

Even with all the individuality in phones and the different needs we have, everyone still needs and uses texting. No matter what kind of phone you have or the way it works, you will still need to text your friends today. That is why your business needs to focus so much on texting. Business texting takes mobile to the next level and allows you to stay in close contact with all your customers. Then they can tell you exactly what they want and need, and you can customize your business. Just like phones, people like flexibility and will do everything they can to buy the most individualized stuff possible. Find ways to work better with your specific customers by texting them to ask or allowing them to text in questions to you. It is the perfect way to start boosting your sales.


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