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Understanding and Welcoming Customers
Scott Navratil

One of the most important aspects of marketing is understanding who is your audience and what they are interested in. The better a business can reach out to those audiences and present them with the right information so they will be interested in what your company has to offer them. As businesses understand and reach out to their audience, the better they can gain trusted followers and customers.

Understanding Your Customers

So how can you get to know who your customers are? Conduct market research and develop customer insights. Online tracking processes now allow you to understand who is visiting your website. By using online demographic analytics, you can gather the general information of who your audiences are and what interests then.

Dr. Rhonda Capron, dean of Business & Technology at Capella University, notes the importance of using data analytics for companies to be successful. “The interconnectedness of our lives in a global setting has placed even greater demands on real-time data and analytic insight. Global market transactions are carried out in milliseconds that can mean the success or failure of an industry,” says Capron.

Companies have an incredible advantage in today’s market because so many customer interests and activities are logged throughout the digital sphere. And companies can use that logged information to better understand and reach their customers. “Whether it is commercial insight from web transactions, operational monitoring of computing systems, the volume from the Internet of Things, or the wearable devices in our lives, it is clear that data drives new insights, says Capron.

Since so many of our customers spend a significant portion of time online, it is important for businesses to reach customers and provide a welcoming environment for them to go to.

Welcoming Your Customers

An important aspect of customer service is to make sure to develop a space where your customers feel welcome. The face of many companies is their website, so make sure customers feel welcome and comfortable online with you. Design your website to be inviting and clear. Avoid outdated and unprofessional fonts and images. It is also very important for your website to be easy to navigate. If a person comes to your site to buy a product, make sure that the titles, images, and links are clear so potential customers do not get overwhelmed and frustrated and leave the site.

If you have a physical store front, make sure the space is kept clean and tidy. Design the space to fit the atmosphere of your product or service. No matter what you sell, train your employees to act professional and courteous.

While it is essential that the product or service you offer is a great product or service, people will not convert into customers if your store or online space is unwelcoming. Remember that the success of a company is reliant on being able to understand and reach out to people. As you learn who your audiences are and what they need, and as you welcome them in, you will improve the quality and quantity of your customers.

Chantel Fullilove

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