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Understanding the RCS Messaging Revolution
Scott Navratil

SMS messaging is the current standard when it comes to sending messages through your phone carrier. Simple text, image, and video messages can be easily shared with anyone in your phone’s contact list. But as technology advances, our desire for improved messaging also increases, and fortunately for use, messaging is starting to get a whole lot better.

From SMS Messaging to RCS Messaging

SMS messaging, or text messaging, uses communication protocols to allow mobile devices to exchange short text messages. Some basic messaging also allows for sending small media files such as images, audio clips, and videos.

Mobile messaging is starting to adapt Rich Communication Messaging, or RCS messaging. RCS messaging is the next phase of SMS messaging. According to initial use and reports, RCS messaging will allow for higher quality picture messaging, group chats, location sharing, and video calls, as well as read receipts and typing indicators. RCS messaging allows users to share media, location, and other information during a telephone conversation. The technology of RCS messaging evolves further than simple messaging. RCS messaging provides a means to share quality media and information across devices and contact books and open up a forum for expansive messaging capabilities.

While RCS messaging is available on some devices, there are limitations in that to send and receive RCS messages, both sender and receiver have to have a device featuring the messaging app and a compatible network. However, even if messages are sent in RCS messaging style, users that do not have compatible systems will receive a message (just without the flare of a RCS message).

RCS Messaging and Business Opportunities

RCS messaging will allow businesses to better reach their customers. In fact, Google recently released a new messaging platform, essentially RCS messaging, that offers businesses upgraded services to communicate with customers. The platform will include message branding, so a business can send a message that will feature their logo instead of just a phone number or name. The upgrades will also utilize group messages, alerts, and other communications not available through SMS messaging.

Essentially, the RCS messaging options will allow businesses to meet the communication needs of every customer by providing rich communication through the new and improved RCS messaging or simple messages through SMS messaging for customers who do not carry the upgrades.

From landlines to cell phones to smart phones, mobile communication technology is evolving and RCS messaging is the next step in that evolution.

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