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Upgrade your smartphone before 2 years is up
Scott Navratil

A few days ago, I was walking around Walmart and dropped my phone on the ground. Not only is it devastating when your smartphone breaks, you know, the thing your whole world revolves around, but it is even worse when people see it happen. There was a man near me who asked as I picked it up, “Did it make it?” Sadly, it did not. And the most frustrating part was being able to hear the phone ring and see messages blinking without any access to them because the screen was broken. Do you know how much it costs to upgrade your smartphone before your 2 years is up? Pretty much around $500 to $800 depending on the phone you get. But maybe there is a free way around that if you aren’t too attached to your carrier.

Announcement from T-Mobile

AT&T recently announced that T-Mobile customers could get an absurd amount of cash by switching carriers. Now, T-Mobile is fighting back by announcing that any phone owners on any plan can switch over to T-Mobile. And the best part? You don’t have pay any of your cancellation fees for terminating the contract. More or less, T-Mobile will pay all your cancellation fees up to $650 per line to get you as a new customer, according to CNET. T-Mobile wasn’t very happy when the announcement came from AT&T specifically targeting T-Mobile. It was pretty wise for T-Mobile to target the entire industry instead of just AT&T in a spitting war. Now, you can change over to T-Mobile and upgrade your phone for a new one even if your contract isn’t up.

Do you need to upgrade your smartphone?

The best part is that you can do this whether your phone breaks or not. Maybe you just don’t like your phone. Maybe a new phone came out that is just better than your old one. Maybe your work demands you have a larger screen or you need something smaller to fit in your pocket. Whatever your reason for wanting a phone right now, you can upgrade your smartphone at any time by just switching to T-Mobile. There’s absolutely no fuss.

T-Mobile looking attractive

It used to be that T-Mobile just wasn’t good enough for most people. Of the larger carrier, it has the fewest customers. The company has an UnCarrier Strategy now to eliminate contracts and give people a chance to upgrade phones sooner than ever. Every change they make is meant to take away all your problem and make having a phone easier. Maybe the carrier isn’t so bad anymore and deserves a chance.

What I should have done

Unfortunately, my phone broke before the T-Mobile announcement was made, but if it hadn’t, I would have definitely made the change. When my phone broke, I would have gone over to T-Mobile and made the switch in a heartbeat. And then I would have gotten an even better phone than I have now. Instead, I went online and bought one used from someone in town. Oh well. Maybe in another year and a half, I’ll finally qualify for an upgrade.



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