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The Value of Smartphones
Scott Navratil

The mobile world has forever been changed for companies and consumers thanks to the popularity of smartphones.  When smartphones were first introduced they were a major asset to those always on the go.  Consumers relied on their smartphones to help manage their busy lives with functions such as calendars and maps.  As technology advances, smartphones are becoming more and more useful for consumers of all types, not just those on the go.  Consumers are replacing their desktops and PCs with smartphones simply because of their convenience and ease.  Data shows that the majority of smartphone users not only have their smartphones on hand most of the day, but they are constantly using them.  This is great news for companies who choose to mobile market.  Most households used to have landlines for their homes as well as cell phones for when they were away from home.  Today, cell phones – smartphones – have replaced landlines and are a vital part of consumers’ lives. More and more consumers are using their smartphones to make purchases, find deals, and locate companies from the comfort of their own home.  This means that companies have the opportunity to become part of consumer households by making their mobile presence easily accessible to consumers.  Companies such as Google have realized how many consumers use their mobile devices to research and make purchases from their homes, so they have made sure their mobile sites run efficiently and work to the consumers’ benefits.  It is so important for companies to focus on their mobile presence if they want to continue to see new business.

The benefit of targeting smartphone users

In today’s world, the easiest way to catch a consumer’s attention is through their mobile devices.  According to Mobile Marketer, a survey revealed that 94% of consumers believe their smartphones are more important than deodorant or their toothbrush! With statistics like this, companies are crazy not to focus most of their marketing tactics around smartphones and other mobile devices.  Smartphones are ideal for companies as far as marketing goes because there are so many ways they can reach consumers through the devices.  SMS advertisements and interactive applications that promote product and bring in business are popular forms of mobile marketing.  This type of marketing requires little effort and helps companies build relationships with their consumers as well as broaden their consumer base. Because smartphones are become part of most consumers’ daily lives, it is crucial for companies to become part of the mobile world if they want to keep up with their consumers and give them what they want.  If companies make their mobile presence a priority, they will see increases in business as well as build a loyal consumer base, because consumers who can access their favorite companies easily from any location are likely to build a relationship and stick with those companies.


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