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Verizon More Everything plan to shape future
Scott Navratil

The future of smartphones is always changing based on new inventions and changes in the industry. A new phone or new app could make the difference between how we live our lives today and how we’ll live our lives tomorrow. With things moving so rapidly, it is a wonder we haven’t become more dependent on smartphones already. But Verizon’s new More Everything plan might be something to shape the future of smartphone use.

New “More Everything” plan at Verizon

Verizon has released a More Everything plan now that gives you more of everything you love. You get more storage space, more international usage, more data, and you don’t have to pay any more money. For all current customers, it’s an awesome deal! For all new customers, it’s good too. It’s just one more way to give you more time on your phone and make it easier to make your phone a lifeline. Pricing should be going down anyway, theoretically, since more people are using smartphones. But that’s not really how the cell phone carrier world work.

Why the change?

Verizon has made this change in what seems to be a competitive move to steal customers away from other carriers. T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T have been extremely competitive in their pricing and incentives for customers lately trying desperately to get them to switch from other carriers. For a while, Verizon didn’t participate, but it seems the time has finally come. The industry leader is starting to compete and change, which suggests the whole industry will change.

Why should you care?

Your business’s success is dependent not only on providing a valuable service or product but also on how well you advertising. You’ve got to get new clients somewhere. The best way to market is to advertise where your customers are most found. That’s why McDonald’s advertises near schools and you see beer commercials during football. Given that almost everyone has a cell phone now, it is fair to assume that advertising through mobile is your best bet for reaching all your customers. On top of that, knowing that your customers are spending even more time on mobile and more time using data, you can anticipate getting even more coverage when advertising on mobile.

Start with texting

Almost everyone has a cell phone, but only a little over half of people own smartphones. That’s why it’s a good idea to advertise with texting first. Everyone with a cell phone will get it, and then you’ll have a good “in” with your customer when they do switch to smartphones. With Verizon’s More Everything plan and the constant competition to offer more services for a lower price, you can expect that more people will be switching to smartphones making it even easier to advertise on mobile. After you’ve gotten your texting system setup, you’ll want to optimize your website for mobile and spend time getting set up on social media. The more outlets you have through mobile to your customer, the better off you will be.



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