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Video Advertisements are the New Way to Mobile Market
Scott Navratil

Along with technology, the mobile marketing world is greatly advancing.  Companies are coming up with new, creative ways to reach mobile users, and one of the newest ways is through video advertisements.  Companies used to see great success in banner advertisements on several popular websites, however the success rate for banner advertisements has gone down because the banners are too small to stand out on mobile devices, forcing companies to find new ways to mobile market.  According to Mobile Marketer, approximately 88 million U.S. mobile users view video advertisements.  This figure should be enticing to companies, encouraging them to create video ads in order to bring in more business.

Interactive advertisements are the way to go

Interactive advertisements seem to have the greatest impact on consumers, and video advertisements fall into this category.  The beauty of video advertising is it gives companies a lot of freedom to be creative as no video advertisements are ever really the same.  They give voice to the company, making them relatable to consumers.  Tablets and smartphones are designed for video streaming, and mobile marketers have discovered that consumers tend to view video advertisements using their phones and tablets more often than not.  There is a down side to video advertising, though; it is difficult to target audiences.  According to Mobile Marketer, companies such as Old Navy, L’Oreal Paris, Kraft, and  Mondelez have taken advantage of video advertisements, and have seen great success at targeting their audiences.  So what is their secret?  These companies have partnered up with a middleman marketing agency known as NinthDecimal in order to gather data on what consumers are looking for in mobile advertisements.  NinthDecimal is a company that interacts with consumers in order to create targeted video advertisements for companies based on location, purchase data, and the type of mobile devices consumers use.  Using this information, companies can cater video ads to certain consumer types, ultimately bringing in more business.

Is it worth the time and money?

Yes! Looking to Old Navy, L’Oreal Paris, and the other companies who have seen success from their targeted video advertisements, companies should be able to see that it is definitely worth the time and money spent to create these ads.  Companies should also consider partnering up with middleman agencies such as NinthDecimal to enhance their video advertising experience by making sure they reach all types of consumers.  Companies really cannot go wrong with using video advertising as part of their mobile marketing tactics.


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