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Viruses on Apple: Are iPhones less secure?
Scott Navratil

BlackBerry is going to be excited to hear that Apple is actually less secure than most people thought they were. Everyone assumed Apple was the safest phone they could get to keep all their private information, such as bank account information or password data, but it looks like that might not be the case anymore. Apple devices are facing an iOS bug that makes you much more vulnerable to lost personal data.

All about the Apple iOS bug

Apple has pretty tight control over what apps you can download onto your Apple devices, which is why you can expect things to stay pretty safe. Unfortunately, a new virus for all Apple devices, but which has gone especially viral on phones, is being downloaded through what is called a “masque attack,” according to Reuters. More or less, an app on your phone is being mimicked by a fake app that then watches everything you do and steals your personal information. For example, your app to log in to Bank of America might work just as you are used to, but the hackers watch and invade all your personal information while you are in the app. This means none of your data is secure, especially not the very personal information such as passwords or bank account numbers that are being watched by hackers. The problem is that Apple has protected against malware getting downloaded onto the devices but never created any kind of protection from these masque attacks that look like regular apps but steal information.

Why BlackBerry is going to be happy

BlackBerry is pretty well known as the cell phone manufacturer that provides people with the most secure phones available and was first into the market. However, because other companies have jumped into the ring and produced phones that are just as secure or close to being as secure but offer other great features that people likes more, BlackBerry kind of got left behind. Though the company is still used in the business world by some companies, it is pretty obsolete among individuals. Even businesses gave up a lot of BlackBerry plans and switched everyone over to iPhones.

However, now that it has been revealed that Apple may not be as secure as well all thought it was for so long, people may start leaning towards BlackBerry again, especially businesses that need the encrypted network on the phones to ensure client data stays secure. Even individuals are a little irked that Apple may be letting their personal information get stolen. The only reason people are willing to put up with Apple’s tight control over their phones and other devices is because it helps keep them secure, or at least it is supposed to be keeping it secure. Maybe Apple can fight off this iOS virus, but it may not be able to bring back clients that are already lost.


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