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Waiting for the Apple Watch? Prepare now
Scott Navratil

Though the Apple Watch won’t be released for months still, many people are anxiously waiting for it to arrive. Though you might be thinking I am talking about customers (and they are certainly anxious as well), I’m actually talking about businesses who want to utilize the technology. Though you may not be part of that group right now, you may want to consider how your business can benefit from marketing efforts through the Apple Watch.

The individual

Everyone who loves Apple is waiting, not so patiently, for the Apple Watch. In fact, it’s possible Apple will lose customers over constantly pushing out the release date on the device. Regular customers want to get their hands on the new technology but are getting frustrated that it isn’t available for release, especially after it has already been announced.

Developers anxious

One of the groups of people very anxious to get their hands on the Apple Watch is the developers. The sooner they can get access to the watch, the sooner they will be able to produce apps that work well on the watch, according to Computer World. There’s no way to know what the limitations will be on the smartwatch until a developer has it in their hands to play with for a while. As a business, you will want to watch out for what apps the developers are creating in order to determine what kind of marketing you’ll be able to do on the smartwatch device.

Business marketers

You probably fit into this group of people who can’t wait to get the Apple Watch, so they can see exactly how to market to customers through it. The possibilities are endless of how you can use this watch to market to your customers. Of course, the most basic and important one to think about is marketing through text messages. No matter what capabilities the watch has or what the developers are able to create for the Apple Watch, you already know that texting through the wearable technology will be possible. You need to be preparing now to allow for your customers to easily text you and for you to text them through the Apple Watch. If you are ready now, then it won’t matter how much longer the watch takes to get here. You’ll be able to text your customers already, and being able to switch over to smartwatch texting will be that much easier.


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