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Waiting on the Galaxy S4: Don’t wait for mobile marketing
Scott Navratil

There’s nothing we get more excited about than a new update to our phones. More often than not, they make the phones more user-friendly and overall better for all our needs. Even if it takes some time getting used to it, we usually like the updates. People with the Galaxy S4 have been able to get an update, but it isn’t available in the US yet. Your business may be able to take full advantage of mobile devices if paying attention to these kinds of updates.

Updates being offered to some

According to CNet, the Galaxy S4 has gotten an Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update all over the world. Unfortunately, only the international version of the phone is currently being updated. The update will allow the phone to have faster speeds and sharper colors. It will probably take a few weeks for this update to reach the US, which means Americans will have to wait longer than usual to get what they want. Americans are so used to getting everything they want right away that it comes as a little bit of a blow to many of them.

Get it now: selling in America

With Americans more interested in getting it now, they may be offended by being late on the phone update, but you can be one step ahead. One of the markets that is largely untapped in the marketing industry is the mobile market. Even though cell phones are almost always in our hands and are our constant source of communication, it seems to be taking most businesses longer than normal to get into the industry. To stay one step ahead, all you have to do is being working through mobile already.

Steps to start mobile advertising

The first thing you need to is figure out what people do with their phones. The reason why people love mobile updates such as the Android Jelly Bean update is because they want more accessibility with their phones and a better picture while doing it. Your customers want to be able to email, text, call, browse the web, use social media, and run their lives through their phones. That is a lot of different areas you can market with. Here’s how to get started:

1. Social Media: Most of the time people spend on their phones is spent looking at social media. Make sure you have Facebook, Pinterest, SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter, and more. The more options your customers have to view you, the more coverage you will get.

2. Images and videos: Make sure you are posting really crisp images and videos. What is the point of your customers have better, crisper phones if you aren’t providing them with better, crisper content?

3. Texting: Don’t underestimate the power of a good text. Your customers will appreciate being able to communicate through texts. Throughout all the updates our phones have gone through, nobody has ever tried to get rid of texting. It is a tool for you to use to get more customers, so why not use it?



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