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Wearable technology field growing
Scott Navratil

Smartphones were just the beginning of a huge industry of smart products and wearable technology. We may not have known it when they first came out, but they have become the center hub for everything in our lives. With such powerful technology at our fingertips, it just makes sense that we would start creating more products to tap into that technology and make things a little easier for us.

All started with smartwatches

The first of wearable technology to come out was the smartwatch. Intended to be a quick access to your phone that doubles as a fitness tracker, there is huge potential for growth in the segment. Many companies are experimenting with added all kinds of features to smartwatches to help make everyday life just a little easier. There are applications for businesses, parents, law enforcement, and more. Businesses can use them to keep in close contact with their employees and to quickly get out information in the event of an emergency. Parents can use them to track the location of their kids, which could be especially helpful in the event of a kidnapping. They may even potentially be used with prisoners and ex-cons on parole in order to check up on their location and monitor their use of drugs or alcohol. It is truly amazing the technology that can be put into a smartwatch and then monitored easily through smartphone apps.

Moving into glasses

The next big segment seems to be glasses. Google glasses have already been announced and tested, but they haven’t hit the market hard. They are hoping to get to the point where the glasses can record information, analyze what is being seen, and even be used to recognize names and information about people you meet. Unfortunately, they are hideous, and Google has a long way to go, but it looks like the company may be facing some tough competition.

Though it is still just a rumor, Snapchat may be looking to create its own smart glasses. Though it is anticipated this kind of product would be more of a use in social media contexts, the $16 billion company might be on to something and may even beat Google to the punch. According to Tech Crunch, it is unclear whether or not this is really the end goal for Snapchat, but it is looking like a real possibility given the company has purchased Vergence Labs, known for having created smart glasses with an embedded camera, and it has shown a lot of interest in augmented reality. Only time will tell where this is headed, but maybe it is good that Google is starting to face some real competition.

All leading back to smartphones

Of course, none of these technologies would be able to work correctly without a smartphone, which means people are going to become more dependent on smartphones than ever. Your business should be making attempts and preparations to take advantage of smartphone technology. It is easier than ever to market to customers who are constantly connected, so get on board and kick your mobile marketing plans into high gear.


Source: Tech Crunch

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