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What is a Conversational AI Platform?
Claudia Perez

Equiitext is a Patented Conversational AI Platform that uses natural language processing tool for intent classification, response retrieval and entity extraction.

What makes your conversational AI unique?

Our patented platform uses machine learning to recognize natural language, intent and dialogue to have engaging conversations with customers and prospects.

Building conversational artificial intelligence and chatbots that really help customers is hard. Equiitext provides the platform for high-performing, resilient, proprietary contextual messaging that works. With Equiitext both marketing and customer support teams can have better text conversations.

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Conversational AI Messaging is an Important Aspect of Customer Service

Are conversational AI messages if/else statements?

Rather than a bunch of if/else statements, it uses a machine learning model trained on example conversations to decide what to do next.

For example, taking a sentence like ā€œIā€™m looking for directions to your restaurant.ā€ We would return the correct response based on recognizing the intent of the customer. The customer is trying to find the location. Our AI can now return the correct response because it recognize the intent of the customer.

How does Equiitext’s AI messaging work?

That sounds harder than writing a few if statements. Our AI platform uses a probability perspective. Using the above example, if a customer asks for directions our platform can determine that the probability of responding with the location responder is high.

However, if the customer said “I’m using directions, will be there in 10 minutes.” Our AI would classify the intent of the message different. Here we classify the probability of a location responder as low and the probability of an update responder as high.

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