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Why Businesses Need Machine Learning Now
Scott Navratil

Machine learning is the ability of an artificial intelligence program to be able to learn from experiences without necessarily needed to be programmed to do so. It is the reason why technology and communications have become so smart. Many people don’t even realize they are using machine learning when they use Siri or Google Assistant, but it is a technology used by most smartphone users already.

The real question is whether or not it is going to be beneficial to your business. While most big companies have already incorporated machine learning into their business model to help them earn more money, many small to medium sized businesses have not incorporated it yet. Here are some reasons why you should get a hold of a machine learning company to get set up with it now.

Avoid marketing waste

Inevitably, most marketing plans involve a fair amount of marketing waste, or the loss of marketing budget to customers who are not interested in your product or service. Most businesses just assume this is the price of reaching all customers who might be interested. Sure, you’ll have a lot of people who aren’t interested in your business, but it is worth it to reach those who are interested.

With machine learning, on the other hand, your marketing begins to target only those customers who are actually interested in your products. It uses algorithms that track behavior to determine who is most likely to purchase from you in order to target that specific group of individuals. This means businesses will spend less money on waste and more on the audience that really matters.

Predict customer needs

If you can predict your customer will need something new from your business and offer it to them at precise timing, it will greatly increase your chances of getting a sale. In the past, businesses have used patterns of spending to determine what to market and when, but with the right machine learning equipment, the computer can do it for you. They can observe the patterns of each individual customer to send out more personalized advertisements based on their needs.

Personalization is extremely important, and it will give you more successful results with current and new customers every time.

Reduce marketing costs

A huge reason companies have started looking into machine learning is that it can greatly reduce your marketing budget. When the computer can observe and react to customers and their needs, it takes fewer people to constantly stay involved in the marketing process. And as the Internet has taken over nearly all marketing efforts now, it is much easier for a computer to make a lot of simple and easy choices than to worry about hiring a human to do so.

Get big data insights in real time

With the right machine learning in place, your business will get real time data and insights into how your customers are behaving and how your strategy should be changing. Part of why this is important is because a customer base can start behaving differently at a moment’s notice, and if you keep up the current marketing campaign, it may hurt more than help. For example, if you are running a humorous campaign that is slightly crude, you’ll see immediately whether customers are responding positively or negatively to it. If it is a positive reaction, then you know to continue focusing in that direction. However, a negative response would mean you could change the marketing plan so quickly that most customers may not even remember you did it to begin with.

Communicate more easily with customers

The most obvious reason why machine learning is so powerful is that it can help you communicate with customers through chatbot 24/7 without having to have a customer service agent actually available all the time. It means your customers will get their needs taken care of on their own time, and you don’t have to make anyone work an overnight shift. This type of communication and customer support is not just a nice thing to have: it is essential. Customers expect the ability to text or chat you anytime they want, and machine learning technology will provide them with the conversations they need.

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