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Why should your business use texting?
Scott Navratil

There are many forms of communication between customers and businesses these days, and it is important that your company is taking advantage of as many of them as possible. If you only choose one of them, such as phone calls for example, you’ll find that you are lacking the ability to get in contact with many of your consumers that prefer a different form of communication. Here are a couple of reasons why business texting is something you should have.


Technology is improving drastically, especially with the use of artificial intelligence and chatbots. Not only is it more convenient for your customers to get automated, immediate responses through texting, it is also what they have begun to expect. Customers don’t want to wait on hold for a simple question asking about store hours. It is much easier if they are able to text in their answer and get an answer within minutes.

Human conversation

While in a store, a customer expects to be able to talk to a representative and get a human-like conversation. It would not do well to have a robot behind the counter trying to answer questions, according to Venture Beat. However, texting makes it possible to imitate human conversation without giving off the robot-like feeling of talking to a robot. Customers don’t mind it being a little cold and to the point when it is through a text whereas they expect more personality from representatives in a store.

Universal communication with customers

One of the best parts of business texting is the ability to text all your customers. Almost everyone has a cell phone that can text, and a text is usually checked within the first few minutes. You can reach anyone you want to and they don’t have to do anything extra special to receive that text or text you back. Even if they speak a different language, they are able to translate it if it is through a text. Overall, texting is good for business, and you will benefit greatly from using it.

Chantel Fullilove

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