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Why SMS Advertising Beats Google Ads
Claudia Perez

SMS advertising is simple and affordable compared to any other form of marketing.

‍While many business owners utilize paid Google Ads to generate sales, they may not realize they are paying more than they need to for marketing and advertising in order to make a substantial revenue.


In order to receive website traffic from online advertising, marketers are forced to spend hours determining the best ad copy,creating banner ads, and fine-tuning their targeting approaches based on audiences, placements, and keywords. And all this work doesn’t even begin to encompass the pain of configuring a budget!


With EquiiText, there’s no need to become a certified online advertiser to establish an effective sales funnel. In fact, the average business owner will spend roughly one to two hours developing their Cloud Platform, and then they rarely need to tinker with their account afterwards. In fact, SMS is one of the most hands-off marketing tools available today. Plus, it costs less than $150 per month, on average!




Comparatively, small businesses will spend an average of $9,000 per month on Google Ads (and this number doesn’t include the cost of resources and time spent to get these ads and their funnels set up perfectly).


With this difference in cost alone, it’s easy to see how EquiiText makes it incredibly simple to increase a company’s Return on Investment. Spend less time, spend less money, and make more profit with the EquiiText Cloud Platform.


Interested in learning more? Sign up for a free trial today and receive free bonus credits to play around with! See how easy it is to reach customers wherever they are and let them interact with your company on their terms. Customers love texting, and so should you!

Chantel Fullilove

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