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Will the massive changes to iPhone be enough?
Scott Navratil

It is expected the new iPhone iOS 7 operating system will be completely different. In fact, app developers have been given a chance to work with the system early in order to develop new apps. There will be big changes, though mostly it will be the looks that change. Will this be enough to keep customers loyal without innovation though?

No more innovation since Steve Jobs

It seems the last real time anything new was created at Apple was when Steve Jobs was still alive. Even when Apple seems to come out with something new, it is just the same thing made to look new. For example, the iPad mini came out. It is the same thing as an iPad but smaller and cheaper. Sounds like lack of innovation to me. Same with this change to the iPhone operating system. iOS 7 will look like something new when, in reality, it is the same thing redone to look new. Though some people won’t notice, many of us are starting our attraction to other phones with more innovation.

All about the iOS 7 change

According to PCMag, the new operating system will mean everything looks different. Your email, pictures, calendar, and anything else you can image will not be the same. The only thing the iPhone had going for it was that you didn’t have to learn how to use a new phone when you got the next model. One really great thing that will come with the new operating system is the ability to multitask. All those commercials making fun of Apple apparently got them talking, and now you can do more than one thing at once. In fact, according to PCMag, the multitasking bar looks very similar to Android devices. There are a few other fun added features, but the multitasking bar is the biggest one.

Even if Apple isn’t innovating, at least it knows it has to keep up with the competition if it wants to stay on top.

What are you going to do?

So, you are headed to the store to get a new phone. Are you going to pick the new iPhone with iOS 7? Or are you going to try out a different phone, like the all new Galaxy Note with Galaxy Gear? Whatever you decide, you will probably just be happy to have something new!



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