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Will the Z30 be enough to bring back Blackberry
Scott Navratil

If there is one thing that we know about technology, it’s that if you can’t stay ahead, you are too far behind. It doesn’t matter if you were ahead yesterday, if someone gets ahead of you, you will miss out. Apple has been seeing this happen lately as it falls behind in sales. But Blackberry has been behind for a long time. Will it ever be able to get on top again?

Blackberry from the beginning – not good enough anymore

Blackberry used to be the best. It was ahead of all the competition and was the phone everyone wanted. It had security features not found anywhere else and was the only real option for people wanting to do business on the go. But then, it fell behind. The competition realized that they could compete by offering a phone better than the Blackberry. Now, Blackberry is still struggling to pull itself back to the top. According to PC World, the newest Blackberry has just been announced, and it will be the best phone offered yet. But will it be enough to get ahead of the competition again? Or is Blackberry still too far behind? Despite rumors of a sell-off and layoffs in the company, Blackberry will release the Z30.

Checking out the old Blackberry

Those of the younger generation may not even know what a Blackberry is, but the most recently released Blackberry was the Z10. According to PC World, hardly any Z10s actually sold, and many of them were returned. Sales were even lower than expected, which is bad news for the manufacturer. The phone that was supposed to save the company ended up being a flop. Blackberry is hoping that the new phone, the Z30, will be able to pull the company out of the gutter.

What is new with the Z30

The Z30 comes with an all-new 5-inch display screen, according to CBS News. The phone is expected to have better signal than before and great speakers. One of the most exciting parts is the 25 hours of battery life in the new phone, which many people appreciate. Messaging and notifications should be easier with the new system as well. It will be cleaner and easier to use. More or less, Blackberry has copied other companies in hopes of translating those new features into a better phone. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if it all works out.


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