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Worried about security? Try a Blackphone
Scott Navratil

When Blackberry came out with the idea of a phone that could receive emails with confidential information and still be secured, it changed the cell phone industry. Though maybe it took a few years to get from everyone holding a cell phone to everyone holding a smartphone, everything has definitely changed. But is security still an issue? Reports of break-ins are keeping everyone on their toes. Luckily, you can get a Blackphone if you are worried about security, and there won’t be any problems.

Security breaches common

We’ve been hearing a lot of news of security breaches or spying from the government lately. For example, Target had a huge breach where credit card information was stolen. There have been reports of the NSA spying, and there have even been reports that Apple has helped NSA get access to the iPhone for spying purposes. Maybe you don’t have all that much to hide, but does that give others the right to break your privacy or see every little thing you are doing? Maybe you don’t want your identity stolen. Some people wonder if there even is such as thing as a safe smartphone anymore. Fortunately, there is.

All about the Blackphone

Blackphone is a new company that promises extra privacy. It will actually run on an Android based system called PrivateOS, according to ABC News. The phone has been produced by two different companies, Silent Circle and Geeksphone, and will be available for pre-order on February 24. Other than that, not a lot of other details are known. Maybe it will be better than the iPhone, or maybe it will just be an iPhone and Blackberry mixed to give you the most privacy. Or maybe it will be basically an Android phone with crazy encryptions on it. No matter what, there are some basic features the Blackphone will need if it is going to sell to anyone, like a camera and texting.

Email most important

The most important thing to keep safe is your email. People store their lives in their email and don’t want just anyone having access to them. In fact, emails have everything you would need to steal a person’s identity or hack into their bank account. And for businesses, it can be a legal issue to protect your customer’s privacy. Having a Blackphone that ensures all this private information is safe would be really great and could change the business smartphone industry.

Secure texting

Though your business doesn’t need to worry too much about ensuring your text messages are encrypted, you may want to make sure there is privacy. Do not share personal information, such as names and phone numbers, with anyone. Your customers are trusting you to keep that information private and are giving it to you in confidence. But it would be very convenient to know that every text you send is private. There are some really personal conversations and images sent through texting that people want to keep private. For example, maybe you don’t want anyone to read your fight with your significant other through texting. Or maybe you sent a password to your spouse through a text. Either way, knowing that Blackphone will keep these kinds of conversations safe is enough to intrigue any customer.

Source: ABC News

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