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Zapier Text Messaging Integration
Claudia Perez

Zapier’s Equiitext integrations allow you to automatically pass data to and from other web services without writing a single line of code.

Zapier is the easiest way to connect Equiitext with thousands of best-in-breed web services across all use-cases.

zapier text messaging integration
Zapier and Equiitext Text Messaging Integration

From sending your text messages to new email subscribers to replicating contact groups or capturing customers as new subscribers, you’ll find a wealth of pre-made solutions (Zaps) for any given use-case or create your own custom Zaps.

Whether you want to connect to Gmail, Paypal, Asana, Google Sheets, Shopify, Salesforce, Hubspot, or 1300+ other apps, head over to Zapier to start saving time with automation today, or try out these popular Zaps to get started:

Got a complex SMS integration? No problem.

With Zapier you can:

  • Use Multi-Step Zaps to trigger any number of actions based on a single event for powerful automated workflows that can span multiple apps
  • Look up items through Search Actions to find or create them if they don’t exist, or retrieve additional details from a single piece of data like an email address
  • Use Filters to only trigger your Zaps when specific conditions are met
  • And so much more!

With Zapier and Equiitext you don’t have to worry about custom code or APIs ever again!

Support for Zapier & Equiitext SMS Integration

Email at or call 888-501-3550

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