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Generation Z Marketing Tips
Scott Navratil

Marketing has changed significantly over the past few years as more companies have started targeting their efforts towards Millennials, a completely new and different type of consumer than we’ve ever seen before. But just as businesses are starting to really understand how to advertise to Millennials, they are now being introduced to Generation Z, the next rising generation they need to focus marketing efforts towards. Here are some things you need to do to ensure you are reaching the next generation with your marketing efforts, thanks to Fortune.

Who is generation Z?

In technical terms, Generation Z includes anyone who was born after 1996, which means they are currently in college or high school. Your business probably isn’t marketing towards them too much at this point since the Millennial generation is still your largest group of current consumers, but these kids will be graduating from college soon and entering the job market. Generation Z was raised on smartphones and the internet. They don’t even know what a polaroid picture is let alone have any memory of life without social media. They will be your newest consumers very soon, and it is important that you understand how to reach them.

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Transparency and honesty

It takes this generation less than 10 seconds to find someone on the internet who has associated with your brand and who can give them honest feedback about your company. They can spot anything that seems fake or misleading online pretty quickly. That means your company’s best bet in trying to reach out to them is to be completely honest and transparent. If they feel like they are being deceived, they will just work with someone else.


The newest adult generation is very interested in buying products from companies that have some kind of unique twist to their products. Maybe you donate a bottle of water for every bottle they purchase or your product is hand made providing jobs to poor people who would have nothing otherwise. Or maybe you build a well for clean water in another country after so many sales. Whatever your gimmick that proves your company is unique and shows Generation Z their purchase is going to help more than just themselves will help push sales.

Social Media

To reach Generation Z and make sure they really hear you, utilize social media. The best way to do this is to interact with them. Ask them exactly what they want, and they will tell you. Use social media for customer service. You can even utilize AI Chatbot through messaging services to give streamlined customer service that your customers can easily use. This generation is on social media all day long, so if you are there too, then you give them a great place to reach out to you and get answers about your business. It isn’t enough to just have social media accounts. You need to be actively engaged with them through those accounts.  

Source: Fortune

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